Death’s knock on the door

A chill went down my spine as I saw her lifeless body.Well, I really hated seeing her from the first instance. Every time she came into the horizon of my vision, I tried avoiding her. Her eyes were cute. Still I despised her.She poked her nose into everyone else’s matter. Everyone liked it. I dint like her still.SheContinue reading “Death’s knock on the door”

The Life of a Lone Mother

The little ones were struggling to get on to their feet. They were exerting the maximum and pushing themselves hard to stand up. Sometimes they were victorious, sometimes they just rolled down. But they did not give up their fight, the fight with the world outside.The lush green grass was their playground. Like the hardContinue reading “The Life of a Lone Mother”

An Engineer’s Love Letter

Well, speaking about love, there is no discrepancy between any mortal alive. Its all the same. The same old emotion flows out, like an uncontrolled gush of water with no check on its flow.People sometimes judge it  as ‘an intense feeling with deep affection’ viz-a-viz ‘misunderstanding between 2 people’, so on and so forth. It is hardContinue reading “An Engineer’s Love Letter”