The Brown Eyed Boy

Disclaimer: The material posted here has resemblance to a person who is very much alive. All that is posted here is with his consent and approval. 

                           Walking towards me was a tall, lanky bespectacled young man with looks that he seems very calm and reserved : there goes the first impression about this person. He had curly hair, curly enough to become a labyrinth for an insect that got in by sheer ill-fate.

                            That was our first rendezvous. I looked at my classmate-to-be. His eyes were his striking feature: hazel brown colored. With a sly smile, he said goodbye and parted our ways till the class started.

                           A hand landed on my shoulders on my walk to the hostel after I bade goodbye to parents. I turned around, lo and behold, with the same sly smile , stood the brown eyed boy. The ‘classmate-to-be’ had become my classmate for the next 2 loooong years. While walking together, I noticed his animated expressions of answering me about how his journey was. Vibes from him, I felt, had bound me and him.

                         The lankiness in him was just a misjudged prejudice that I had. A song, a surge of energy and the next thing I found was the brown eyed boy swaying to the tunes of hit Bollywood and Tollywood numbers. The guy was full of energy. His legs jumped to life, his hands were swaying with ultimate grace. He was a dancer par excellence.

                           Soon, I understood that he was a trained Carnatic singer and a genius when it came to studies. Now was the time when I thought that ‘did I run into the company of the wrong sort?’    

                             Well, I know to differentiate between the right and wrong sort.
                             Indeed an acquaintance had become a friend!!! 


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