We, by name!

My first attempt at poetry!

From the land of people who eyed the sides,
Comes the world of new insights,
China by name, shot to fame
The world envies them all and glories the Wall

Poles apart, lay the country
The next door neighbour, Russia by name
From Slavs to Czars to Putin put to pain,
All evils slain, lives the Kremlin in all the hearts

With outstretched arms, redeeming the glory of the tragic past
Christ the Redeemer stands tall,
‘Ordem e Progresso’ being their motto
Brazil by name, progress is their foot game

Apartheid and racism led affront,
Life at the land was all affrays,
Led by a man of wisdom and might,
The Rainbow Nation saw it all
The cradle of humankind still plays its lullabies
And shelters them all irrespective
As the name of the cape beseeches hope and faith
 The land at the tip of the dark continent outshines the past

Beyond the Pampas, there lies a history,
A civilization that led light,
Argentina was a name of the men,
Valorous by all means and it shall remain

Sizzling Mexican salsa sauces to the platter,
Foodies all the life, way ahead in the minds
Lies the blood curdling wails let aloud by a tragic past,
No longer remains the darkness but the glow that leads kindly light

Where 18000 islands are separated at a distance,
Where Flora and fauna thrive in abundance,
Lies the epicentre of the turbulences of the world,
But binding by heart is way what Indonesia is

The home of the entity that was bitten by an apple,
The land of the morning calm keeps its calm,
Be it during the black memories with the invaders
Or with like-named sibling
South Korea has it all with its S(e)oul at the helm
To climb the peak of the world with all its grace

Christened from the name of the king himself,
Was born a country in the east of the world
They know life’s upside down when at war
Digging deep into the history is
The country of invasions with a blood spilled history
Philippines by name, they shall win

History seems the same for them all,
He too lived a life of turmoil
Being the reason of the change, here lies a glorified tradition
This is Malaysia, truly Asia

The grandeur of the Arab charms is nowhere to be seen,
The land, sacred for the Jews, lay a path for the astray
The brilliance of the nation lies within
In the hearts and minds of them, the Israelis

Divided amongst the two continents
Lies a land of wonders and East’s mercenary to the West,
With a vast cultural diversity and profound integrity,
 Turkey by name, lies within is centuries of richness

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