The Love Aftermath

Have you ever fallen in love?

Or ever felt that you wanted to fall in love?

If its a ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, have you ever thought of its aftermath, the pros and cons of loving?

The girl whom you love, walks, talks or even smiles at another boy, ( Man, u gotta be kidding) well, I am not. Cross ur heart, you’ll feel like thrashing him up, bullying him or even drowing him in the Arabian ocean (Sea, i know it, alright). Maybe, he is an angel at heart , but mind you, you are never going to forgive him, luring your heart out of the body’s reach . For gals, if the guy who stole your heart is doing the same, its all swollen eyes and damp cheeks.

Furthermore, is there something called true love? Or is just the lust or infatuation?
When you say ‘ I love you’ to a gal, do you really mean it? Or is it just for the sake of having fun? And my dear gals, please mean it when you do the same. Don’t be mean.

The heart says to approach any girl just because of the fact that a look from her gives you butterflies in your stomach.
The brain warns you that butterflies will fly away, but the lump of sorrow will remain forever.

Love often tends to go the heart’s way.
Mind you, being emotional rather than being rational will be one heavy price to pay for.

And if your response to me is ‘Mind your business, fatty. I know how I am and she’ll come to me if my love is true’, my reply will just be a wry sly smile.

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