The Fight to Glory

The day had dawned and slowly was in the progress of reaching the dusk. Earth was still on its non-stop duty of rotating on its axis, while it slowly made its way around the sun. 

Dusk approached. Slowly and steadily, tints of black and hues of red were marching on to the ground that was supposed to be the venue of the much anticipated event.

The event was borne in the hearts of many for many a days. The iron will and sheer dedication was making a dream into reality.

Soon the venue turned out to be a sea of unprecedented joy and happiness . The colors that they had adorned to demonstrate their support was exemplifying the motive.

The basketball court was indeed speckled with black and red.

By the time, the dignitaries declared the event open, the gang of friends had parted ways to form coteries with only one goal- to lay their hands on the trophy that lay glistening on the table.

The speckled color combination moved to form multitudes of majestic red and glorious black to the left and right of the director duo with the other distinguished guests. 

The event or rather the battle of the brawns, brains and wits was declared open with ear deafening ovation.

The masses split into two energy packed huddles, showing off the diversity from within a united closely knit class. The air was humid with the exhilaration of the young managers-to-be as the ball kicked off for the first event- FOOTBALL.

Thus began the games. Friends taking on friends. Men of valor taking on men of might. Women of grace taking on women that outshine.

Friends to foes, 
Forever shall never remain the enmity
But lies within, the fire to cherish and
The glory to redeem
What we strive for 
Is to be unbeaten
We will remain champions
Despite the results that often takes sides
Never do we createth the divide
So do remain as friends
Forever one, forever strong
The spirit of the game burning within

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