An Engineer’s Love Letter

Well, speaking about love, there is no discrepancy between any mortal alive. Its all the same. The same old emotion flows out, like an uncontrolled gush of water with no check on its flow.

People sometimes judge it  as ‘an intense feeling with deep affection’ viz-a-viz ‘misunderstanding between 2 people’, so on and so forth.

 It is hard to find a person who has not fallen in love. It is even harder to get back the love. 

Lucky are those who get it back, in quantity and quality higher than what you initially give.

It seems that no one ever has questioned the source from which this emotion arose. 

It is seemingly possible to believe that it was there from the day when Adam and Eve plucked the forbidden fruit.

From the day that the 1st pair of coelacanth arose from water and with multitudes of rounds of evolution and still today, being the product of a 4 billion year evolutionary process, love still is the same feeling for us.

It is still there and will always continue to do so.

Our protagonist is an engineer in love.

And here it goes…..

Dear ******,

              On the day we first met the ‘not-knowing-you’ emotion underwent a 180 degree phase shift to a you-are-the-one-for-me emotion.

Our further meetings triggered signals in my heart and amplified my feelings for you. The resistance that I had towards love was bypassed by your presence.

My heart had formed a set-up of a decoupling capacitor where all external interference from friends was bypassed and thrown down the drain.

In short, I felt that we are like 2 plates of a parallel plate capacitor with the whole world around us serving as a dielectric material.

Remember the day you replied positively to my love, the electric impulse that went up my heart was enough to charge a defibrillator to provide a shock strong enough to cure  the maximum extent of damage ever known to mankind. Thank God that I didn’t have to use it.

Every time I see you talk with someone, it makes my blood boil with rage. All the hate gets multiplexed and produces a single strong signal, so strong for him to withstand. 
Thankfully, the output didn’t have to be produced as his sensory circuits sensed some interference from nearby and he quickly withdrew from the scene.
He must have understood no equalizer in the world would have been able to smoothen out this heavily powerful noise waves.

Let me assure you that the signal my heart produces has the same strong intensity, amplitude and frequency. Let me also tell you that my heart is a distortion-less circuit and will continue to produce the same output forever, without fatigue.

Till we meet next time, you shall remain to be in my wavelength.



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