The Life of a Lone Mother

The little ones were struggling to get on to their feet. They were exerting the maximum and pushing themselves hard to stand up. Sometimes they were victorious, sometimes they just rolled down. But they did not give up their fight, the fight with the world outside.

The lush green grass was their playground. Like the hard and fast rule of acclimatization with nature, the four little pups were adapting themselves from the comfort of their mother’s womb to the harsh world outside.

Standing almost 50 feet away was their mother, a while colored female mongrel was standing on the aisle of the walkway waiting for people to throw down bits and pieces of random food articles, out of mercy.

Her eyes had the emotion of helplessness of a street dog. She looked into the eye of every passerby to spare her some sympathy.

Even though while surveying each person with her hazel eyes, her eyes often stole a glance to her little ones.

After gobbling down a couple of bread pieces, she ran towards the pups which made squeals of delight on seeing their mother.

I was just a mere spectator who watched it in wonder , the life and affection of a mother.

It made me think of the plight of a single human mother who has to surmount the daunting roles of a working woman and a doting mother. If she compromises on the former, she and her kids will suffer if the alimony is not huge enough (divorcee) or will become difficult to make ends meet (if husband is deceased/ family not supportive).
Or if she compromises on the latter, the spirit of motherhood burning within every woman would question the integrity of being a mother.

Rekindling this thought provoking question in my mind, I paced my steps back with a salute to my mom and all loving mothers on planet earth.

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