Questioning Womanhood

A school going girl 

A girl in the bus stop.

A lady standing next to you in the elevator.

A young female sitting next to you in an overcrowded bus.

What difference do they have with those who get nasty looks and touchings, let alone the ones getting raped?

Is travelling alone or wearing short dresses a reason?

Well, is it a crime?

If that is the case, all solo travelers and FTV models should be punished (And porn actors should be given capital punishment)

Or is that being born as a woman the reason for all these?

Let us put ourselves (the men) in their shoes for a moment.

Walking all the way to the bus stop and getting stares from all the passers-by just because you wore a new shirt. 
Standing in the bus stops with all the stares continuing. 
Entering the bus and people touching your groin and hips. 
In your office, as you bend down, people glaring to see the amount of chest hair you have. 
Late at night, people giving unscrupulous stares that question what business do you have at this point of time.

Now giving her back her shoes and putting back my shoes, I felt like puking after thinking and writing all these. Just imagine the plight of a lady who has been undergoing so much suffering through out all her lifetime.

Sad, isn’t it?

Still, we do not change. After all these hardships, she sees her sisters across the world undergo miseries. Some get raped too. Hearing all the unpleasant news, she gets stressed.
Instead of looking forward to each passing day, she gets tensed to go out into the cruel world out there.

Rapes are, I believe, frustrations vented out. 

But why? 

India is a country that does not lack the number of women who are more than willing to allow you to use them. Then why is against women who are expected back at home in one piece?

Is it because that going to a place of ill-fame degrading the status you have? As if conducting that heinous crime of rape will maintain it.

A word of caution to all-but-one sisters in the country and all sisters in other countries: 

”Be aware. The clan of your opposite sex is not as saintly as you think. Please take care of yourself.”

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