Death’s knock on the door

A chill went down my spine as I saw her lifeless body.

Well, I really hated seeing her from the first instance. Every time she came into the horizon of my vision, I tried avoiding her. 

Her eyes were cute. 

Still I despised her.

She poked her nose into everyone else’s matter. Everyone liked it. 

I dint like her still.

She was loved and cared by everyone.

That did not alter my mindset.

I did not like her.

But never did I want to see that scene. It is true that to the extent of my hatred towards her had brought about a thought of her never coming back to my life. But I never wanted this to happen.

Her mother was no where to be seen. She did not want to see her only relation on earth lie lifeless. She never would have imagined her little one lying on bare earth with the little heart not pumping life. 

She was forcefully brought near the little one.

Her frisky little puppy was dead.

One sniff and the mother dog scurried her way.

Even though I just got a brief glimpse, I could see the crystal orb like eyes moist. 

A small breeze brushed past the pup’s little coat fur. 

She lay still. The charm of hyper activeness that she possessed would never resurface again.

The naughty little puppy went to the distant land of dreams or would have been reborn. Perhaps as a naughty little kid.

Perhaps… Only perhaps….

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