Party of a Lifetime

The scenic beauty of the hilly terrains of the Western Ghats adjoining the picturesque hamlet, accompanying the gentle hustle of the breeze made the party lawns look ever attractive than before. The tingling sound of the wind chimes along with rustle of the leaves in the orchard was a treat for the ears. The background was set as a camaraderie of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. It was planned to set a base note for the party- truly music for the soul.

The lawn was set in white and gold with flowers flown from Thailand to add to its beauty. The golden hue of the confetti was reflecting on the buffet platters. The streamers and decorations were at their best to induce an effect of the pre-wedding bash.  Butlers and concierges were all in position to attend to the guests who were coming in ones and twos.

His friends hurried up to him, the man of the hour. It was his bachelor party attended only by his friends, dear and near. From his kindergarten mates with whom he still maintained contact, to his friends of his graduation school, everyone would be there for the day he wanted them the most. He stood at the dais, greeting his friends amid rapid flashes of light flickering on his radiant face and handsome smile.

The men at the food counter were busy setting the buffet to its best. Animals of various sizes and proportions were inside the platters, assorted with various spices and oils. Copious amount of time was put into the preparation of each of these delicacies. Chicken was the star of the food counter where he and his friends indulged into bite-sized pieces of chicken prepared in different manners that would satisfy the taste buds of both the east and west. The spread of the buffet also had cottage cheese and vegetables to tempt the tongue of the vegetarians. Desserts were kept off the main counter, having ecstatic varieties of Indian sweets, cakes and ice creams to choose from.

The mixologist had already set the spirit counter on fire which had the best of the spirits stocked to appease the guests. A tinge of lemon on the small shot glass had blazed in a chunk of fire into the inners. 

The guests were full and satisfied, both their bellies and at heart. The memory of party so grand and well planned had created a sense of wellness among the guests. This metamorphosed into blessings for him, for a happy life ahead….  

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