The Selling Foray

The evenings at the Institute is actually a boring affair.

Bland food to the palette and a lot of assignments to bear the burden of!

But, the last 3 days was all about frenzy festivities.

The Great Lakers had all geared up for going in 60 hours to set up their mini ventures and mint money. More than the monetary part, it was for igniting the entrepreneurial blitz in the managers-to-be.

The event ‘Gone in 60 hours’ was an initiative by the CIECOM (Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee) at the Great Lakes Chennai campus from the 13th to 15th of July 2013.

Many budding-entrepreneurs-hidden-within came out of their comfort zones and put the hats of sales men, blaring out in their croaky/deep/chirpy/bombastic voices to woo customers to get their stuff out of the inventory. Some were seen as chefs sans the toque, some did shuttle services to get more from MORE and so on.

What a scene, beautiful to behold!

They had to prove their mettle and battle it out to the way to being the best entrepreneur in the campus with a span of 60 hours.

The guys (and girls too) were all girding up their loins to get the things set.

The CEOs-to-be were actually on the field like wayside hawkers to sell their wares to the passers-by.

Lip smacking treats were prepared out of the limitation of the hostel rooms.

People collaborating to get the desired end product done- some procuring raw materials, some setting the work-in-progress, some serving as ancillary suppliers, some filling in as in-bound logistics personnel etc.- a treat to watch.

People running around to get the deliveries done to the hostel room  
                  -and we awaited the arrival of the food with drooling mouths and high expectations.

And they did keep up the expectations and went better than those we kept in stock.

The beauty parlors,
-the hair dressers,
-the adrenaline pumped gaming experience zones,
-helpers of the cupid struck,
-tarot reading fortune tellers,
-the nail biting finishes of cricket
        made it look more like a village fan fare than a college.

It was fun, friends calling out to friends hoping them to shell out some money to buy and those on the other side of the counter hoping their friends to give or gift them out of their friendship.

Last but not the least, all the people clearing their mailboxes over and over, archiving, transferring and deleting all over the place.

The future beckons them, who were ready to help themselves!!

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