Love Letter of an MBA

The previous year in my life saw a paradigm shift from complex circuit diagrams to high end market differentiation analysis. I thought it was time that I graduate my love from the electronic engineer perspective to a future marketer perspective.

As a sequel to the previously written madly-in-love engineer’s love saga, here begins the journey of love of marketing wiz. <See link here>


Dear ******,

Over the years, my P&L closed with a lot of bad debts and morale share price was falling deep down. The market climate for the love I possess was seemingly cloudy till the moment I saw you.

The sudden feeling that I felt was way beyond the happiness that one could get, even better than that of a brand manager who revamped the entire range of products which was about to be shelved.

On seeing you, the love life cycle which I thought would be going to the obsolesce stage, suddenly picked up back to the peak. The BCG matrix has put you as a star in my heart.

The intangible feeling is in the air. You comprise the maximum stake in my top-of-the-mind awareness. The way you have positioned yourself is at its best.

In eve of you saying a yes to my love, I shall submit the offer document to your parent-holding for the merger of the 2 product families.

If all the director board members oppose the merger, the acquisition process that I shall proceed with, shall be a hostile takeover .

Lets join hands and diversify!

Yours truly,

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