Happy B’day Bloggie!

One year has passed since its inception. I sowed 36 seeds.It was watered by 3800 people.It blossomedIt flourishedWhat was a seed then,Has germinated and is slowly growing.Hope it doesn’t get destroyedBy forces of nature Or by the force withinHappy b’day dear little blog. Thanks for all the support, dear readers!Thanks for the inspiration!Thanks to all the friends whoContinue reading “Happy B’day Bloggie!”

The Walk of an Iron Will

The septuagenarian walks his pathWith that solicitous demeanorBehold the chalices he poured in withcopious amounts of wisdom and insightThe man who crafted a nationAn exemplar by all meansA harbinger in the field of teachingAway and at his turf, he is praised The glitter in his eye seems to glowThe fervent actions of faith in himContinue reading “The Walk of an Iron Will”