Marital Blues- Part 1

The wedding bells are ringing. Aren’t they?

Yes! They are.

For the parents, it is just the matter of time for them to chart down the auspicious dates for the Sangeet and Shaadi for their young ones once they get hold of their diplomas and yes, the fate is sealed.

Some have already found theirs, some on the process of finding theirs and some have no idea on where and how to find them. I am talking about the soul-mates. I wonder if they really be soul-mates once the thread meets the knot.

Post the knot, the life is going to turn tables. Its going to be all thrown-up tantrums, the no-glycerin-needed-made-up-tears, the faked acidity-attacked-mocked-up chest pains and the hell lot of other funnily insane things.

After a year or so (might not take even 10 months or so for some, thanks to the Madras HC ruling), XX Jr and XY Jr start popping out and pooping all over.

And then memories start flowing in.
I had ‘her’, and then I landed up with ‘this’ female.
He proposed me. But I dint say a ‘Yes’. My bad!

Paced at speeds greater than the rage of the Uttarakhand floods, it brings tears (sorrow or rather remorse). And then the friends meet, the numbers doubled, tripled and quadrupled by the forces of nature. The crushes and loves mated to different specimens under different shackles chained over.

Part 2- The Gen-Next meet!!!

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