The Walk of an Iron Will

The septuagenarian walks his path
With that solicitous demeanor
Behold the chalices he poured in with
copious amounts of wisdom and insight
The man who crafted a nation
An exemplar by all means
A harbinger in the field of teaching
Away and at his turf, he is praised

The glitter in his eye seems to glow
The fervent actions of faith in him flow
The man clad in white
A new age sage of substance
The opulence of the knowledge he gained
With the chivalry of a man who defended the mother land

With the uncanny prowess to pervade the goodness within
To the men and women
Who traced the path
Who chose to follow
He is the man who sought to lead
Brimming with knowledge
The sagacious chant of accounting the way of life
The acumen he possesses is second to none

For a man his age
The mettle seems nonpareil
He walks his chidren, hand in hand
To the path yonder
Through the roads less traveled
To reach the glory we seek
And he remains as a guiding light
That radiates bright

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