A Letter to Hell

Dear Brother-in-Hell,

First, let me express heartfelt condolences to your departed soul.

So, how’s life there at hell? All cozily snug up?

You might me wondering how I came to know that you came directly to hell. Hell ya, I knew it, babe.
After all, a suicided soul would never reach up there.

By the way, how was your journey from Coimbatore to hell?

So, you would have came to know by now that the movie that you wanted to watch is releasing today. Ironically, you would not be able to watch it FDFS. I know that hell does not even have talkies, let alone multiplexes.

I have a question to ask. Did you actually think that your worthless soul was even less worth than the cost you needed to travel to your neighbouring state to watch the movie?
The cost to go to Kerala to watch that particular movie:
Lodge= 500
Food= 200
Total= 900

So you knew that the movie was not worth spending 900 rupees.
Still you went once to Kerala, couldn’t you have stayed there for a day? You could have seen your star in action, eaten some Kerala food and got some banana chips for your family.
Yet, you came back with a dejected mind and then ended your life in a loose moment with a noose.
How sad!

So, how are your buddies down there?
I believe they too would be fine. How are guys who did the same when a superstar film flopped over a decade ago?

Seriously, did someone pay you for doing a publicity stunt for the promotion of the movie? The amount, how much ever it is might be a big sum for the family. Yet do you think any amount of money could replace the son of your parents, friend of your old chums, the lover of your girl? No, you were irreplaceable, my friend.

The media reported you to be 20 years of age. Dude, you had a lot of life remaining. You were the ripest of your age.


I know you will never get to read this. Shall deliver it by hand, when I come to meet you, say 50 years from now. You will see an old soul coming to deliver the letter. Nevertheless, I will see the 20 year frail looking soul at the best of health.
Or maybe will send it through some other duffer who may do a stunt when a next movie release is delayed.

So long,pal.

50 years is not a long time to wait.

See you in hell,
Brother from Earth.

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