Happy B’day Bloggie!

One year has passed since its inception. 
I sowed 36 seeds.
It was watered by 3800 people.
It blossomed
It flourished
What was a seed then,
Has germinated and is slowly growing.
Hope it doesn’t get destroyed
By forces of nature 
Or by the force within

Happy b’day dear little blog. 
Thanks for all the support, dear readers!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks to all the friends who made me write and allowed to make them subjects.
Million thanks! 

(sob sob) Just got emotional! 😛

Love you all…..

4 thoughts on “Happy B’day Bloggie!

  1. :)loved the way you wished the blog 🙂 fabulous .. it will grow with every year passing by 🙂 Happy Birthday dear blog 🙂


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