The Farewell Trance

I was overwhelmed. I was on the verge of being in tears. 

And the same is applicable to the remaining 120 people too. 

And you, Pallavas, you did a great job. Joining up as a team, putting in your hard work and dedication to bid adieu. Amidst the work pressure put forth by the professors, you rescheduled your days and nights to give us the space. 

As we exit, we are sure, the 2 year course that started off with us as exemplars, will be taken to greater heights. 

The retreat at Ideal Beach Resort was worth its weight in gold. The ambience, the programs planned, the menus set, everything deserves an applause. 

A dinner would have sufficed, and maybe top it up with some impromptu act that any one could have pulled up- that would have made a decent farewell. But you stepped it up by a giant leap, burning midnight oil and sipping cups of coffees to devise plans, to give us a farewell, befitting the most luckiest seniors. 

I have to thank you all, on behalf of the batch for the pomp and splendor you infused in the act of camaraderie. 

Ambi and Sudarshan, you guys were awesome as the hosts on stage. 

The girl who sang the Rock On song, 
I shall call you thee
For I do know thy name is Ridhima
You swept a wave of bliss across the hearts

Kaushal and Siddharth, you two, too put up a great show!!! Timings, man!! Respect!!

The Video team, the coordination team, the ‘this’ team, the ‘that’ team, the whole team… 
The Farewell video left us spellbound. The hard work behind this deserves mention. 
Who else, other than you could think of giving us a souvenir of the most cherished picture of the 2 years, framed and wrapped to cherish the memories!!!
I have no words to say,
You have won a place in the heart to stay
Loved your efforts
Love you all

Enough of being nice, 
I shall cast off the garb 
And pull a leg of the Mamalla
Or maybe two!!

We taught them to be awesome. They taught us what awesomeness was.

Anyways, Mamallas, here you go!

The winners of the Wall of Fame- the acts that you did on stage were awesome. But what took you there were the acts in the 2 years. Those were more awesome, I should say. 

Mr Vikas ‘Pole Dance’ Sharma, you taught the world what seduction meant. Did you know that you gave the strippers a run for their money??

Srini Mama, you were awesome as always. Do you have pins and needles under your toe? Drenched that little Ambi and danced when not needed. 

The roommates actually forgot the whole thing called pole dance. I know you people are rigid as the pole should be, and hence swayed the sh!t out of it (him)

Varun and Nambi, you did set the floor on fire!! 

The food needs mention. It was amazing. I remember seeing people seen as excited as a 5 year old in a candy shop, on seeing the well laid-out sumptuous spread.   

We had fun. Loads and loads. 

Dear Pallavas, 
You etched memories of a lifetime. 
You carved out  a slice of our world as we part
You did everything you could 
And gratitude with which we say,
We love you all!!!

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