Bangalore Days!

What’s in a movie that makes it worth watching it more than once?

You will know the answer when you watch Bangalore Days for the first time.  

The second time in the theatre is a revelation that there are movies worth a second time. 
It is also a proof because the movie is still fresh despite you have sat through the entire 172 minutes once.

Bangalore Days is just another story which has nothing new to boast about. Well, if you stop here, you do not know that you have just lost the most beautiful 172 minutes that you would be spending in a theatre ever!  

The chemistry that Anjali Menon has made to work out is an act of sheer brilliance. The ensemble cast comprising of young stars Dulquer, Fahad and Nivin with the bubbly presence of Nazriya and an out-of-the-world performance by Parvathy has made extraordinary out of the ordinary. 

The movie has all its negatives put to rest by the classiness of on-screen combinations of the cousin trio and the rest of the reel held up by the powerful performances of Parvathy and Fahad. 

Dulquer is a treat to watch. Nazriya brings out a matured performance intertwined with her cheery girl image. Parvathy, despite wheelchair bound leaves the viewers spellbound. Fahad, as usual delivers his best despite less screen time. 
But the star of the show is Nivin who proved that versatility is his foothold. Comical timings with subtle and sublime facial expressions put up with ease has made Nivin the best of the lot, proving that the actor’s diverse repertoire. The senior cast comprising of Vijayaraghavan and Kalpana has given their career best performances yet.  

Bangalore Days is the golden feather in the hat of not only the National Award winning writer-director Anjali Menon, but is a fresh breath of life for the Malayalam film industry, which is finding difficulty in accepting rustic youthfulness in movies.
Must watch! Theatres awaiting! Packed houses still!

Rating: 4/5

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