Our Linguistic Slurs!!

India is a country of vast cultural and traditional differences. The transitions between every 5 kilometers has a change of dialect and renders the same language in a different voice modulation.

We, Indians, the descendants of the Indus valley civilization whose forerunners have been myriad combinations of Aryans, Afros and Whites, have in them one common element, English.

We have over 1500 languages and over 5000 dialects that reflects on our ethnic variance, we have tried in making the same amount of variance to the universal language.

How much do we degrade the language? It is a paradigm of how much jugaad people like you and me practice in our wonderful nation. 

Just as a Brit would buy a pack of chips and biscuits at the petrol pump after filling petrol, the Americans would grab a pack of crisps and cookies at the fuel pump after filling gasoline. Wait! Cookies have got eggs in it.

Fine, she is an eggitarian. She’ll have it.

It seems it is in India that we coined this term that refers to the ovo-lacto vegetarians. How nice of us to flex the language according to our wish and will!

We have non-veg for dinner. Not specific at all. Means we could even eat the fluttering flies that accidentally goes on the plate and becomes the palate’s appetizer.

The differences what we Indians have brought about in the language is immense.

What if we get to have a dinner date on Saturday with your eggitarian girl friend? With an important match on TV? You ask her to prepone our date to an earlier time so you can accommodate both.

The Americans or Brits never ‘prepone’ a meeting, but we do. They just schedule it prior to time.

While we play with our words, the language itself is a master of deceit. 

The word ‘laid’ says it all. The hen laid her eggs on a heap of straw stacked as her nest. The guy got laid off from work, went for a swig to forget the misery, met a girl and got laid. 

Funny language it is!!

Well, me and my Paagalpanti!!

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