The Delectable Palate-1


A tag adorned by anyone and everyone who relishes a good meal.
No one can deny the ambrosia that a hearty good meal provides. 
Not even me!
Well, how do I put myself to the haters side?
I would put myself in a violent strife between the heart and the mind if I were to say so. 
Let me ask you a question!
How would it feel for you to go through the same mundane combination of rice-sambhar-thoran or roti-daal-subzi every day?
We would often put up with an answer saying that ‘No, I was brought up like this. I wouldnt mind this everyday for the rest of my lifetime.’
And then you would start cursing who ever makes this same boring uninteresting menu every day. Be it your mom, wife, cook, the smile coated outers  would be accompanied with under-the-breath-muttering-curses. 
Come some special day, cometh some special dish. Put a mirror in front of you while eating/record you in action, thou shall see a horrendous glee while the pot is opened, followed by a miraculous escapade of saliva forming channels down the mouth. The digging in to the severely tasty dish would be accompanied with some smearing of the gravy around the face. 
With a tinge of boredom that crept up on a day when I was subjected to the usual rice-sambhar-no thoran-only pickle and pappadam menu for the night, it started!

The Delectable Palate embarked a new journey of and for taste!

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