She stretched her arms and legs. It felt so effortless today. The air she breathed was pure and light- like it caressed her lungs in a way like never before. Her heart wasn’t beating slower or faster than it should be. As her foot touched the floor, she felt a connection between her and Mother Earth.

She got up from the bed, stretched again and walked towards the window. A pale ray of the sunlight was falling on her face. The early morning sun had never been more welcoming.

She looked out of the window; kids were playing on a ground not far away. Middle-aged walkers were brisk walking, trying to burn the excess calories of the previous day.

Her glance moved to the main road.

Early morning office-goers were piling into buses at the nearest bus stop. The morning was in all its glory.

She was feeling alive more so than ever. Her stance was strong, and she was ready to face the day headlong.

Something felt amiss. A cup of coffee, was it? She turned around, blissful as she could be and then suddenly she met reality- her ears and eyes adjusted to the cacophony of human and machine sounds.




A bunch of doctors and nurses were huddled around a hospital bed- trying to defibrillate a patient. The patient on the bed was shaking whilst a high voltage electric current passed through the body. She inched towards them to see what was happening. And at that moment, she heard a shocked voice and a machine noise. It was all over!

Her eyes went pale as she caught a glimpse of the patient’s face and the flatlined heart monitor as the nurses covered her face with a white shroud!!

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