127 Seconds!

The far roads lay straight for miles, empty in all its glory. The sun was slowly fading from the horizon.

All around you, it was just the road and your car- accelerating and decelerating at its twists and turns. The solo ride and the wind gushing onto the face- the feel was exhilarating despite the humid, sticky, hot weather where mercury often hissed the halfway boiling point.

Paying no attention to what my Google Maps had to say, the car was moving in tandem with the roads as if she had a mind of her own. As the roads grew narrower, the sand and debris on them grew thicker. A 120kmph speed on a sandy road jilted the steering and got the cautious adrenaline junkie off guard.

It was time to pay heed to the road. Were the fates trying to say something?

Well, they were!

While drifting into the next turn, the car came to a sudden halt. As far as the eye could see, the roads were covered with sand. Trusting her 180 horses, she inched headlong onto the battlefield.

And stuck!

She and I were one on the tarmac. Then with a thwack on the head, I came to my senses.

The tires were submerged in the sand. So much for trying crazy antics with a sedan.

I was in the middle of nowhere. My head, as crazy as it is, went to disaster mode. Will I have to live there? No one or nothing in hand, would I have had to live in my car, till maybe a week later, some patrol car finds me hallucinated and deprived of nutrition, or even worse, dead and decayed on the driver’s seat.

What seemed like a lifetime was just hardly 10 seconds on the clock! Too much for me and my mind’s drama. I looked around my seat- I had a water bottle, a protein bar that had fallen in the car from the previous day’s grocery bag. And to top it, my phone had all its bars.

Now, all it was left was to call the cops to help me get towed or try maneuvering on my own. I could get more stuck. Well, you know me.

Strapped back to the seat and floored the accelerator, the tachometer gained might, yet we didn’t move an inch. Put the car in reverse and floored the gas again; nothing but the engine revved up to the reds.

So much for a front-wheel-drive car!

Necessity is the mother of invention. A split second later, I rotated the steering wheel to an angle and revved up. Turned to the other side and floored the pedal again. Tried it a couple more times, and voila, the tires were dislodged from the sand.

Reversed the car and went back up the road. No one. Eerily calm and pleasantly quiet. And well, she and me became one, and we roared onto the road.

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