Food Trail-3- Beriani Flames

Soulful biriyani, vibrant packaging and sinful cravings- if a biriyani that gets delivered to your place can check all the boxes, yes; it is bound to be a delightful experience. A delightful experience sans all its glitz, Food Trail trails Beriani Express and the faring of its beriani.  The folks at office decided to tryContinue reading “Food Trail-3- Beriani Flames”

Why did I start watching Game of Thrones?

Why did I start watching Game of Thrones? Sheer boredom could sum it up as an answer.  The next question could have been why did I start binge watching GoT? Could I have stopped watching it at any point in time? I have stopped watching many a TV show because the whole idea of entertainmentContinue reading “Why did I start watching Game of Thrones?”