Movie Review- Jilla

Jilla explored the hearts of the masses only to excavate high hope-dipped disappointment.With 2 stalwarts adorning the crest of the movie, the story should have been crafted for sheer exuberance of talent. Jilla depicted how talent of the Indian pinnacle of acting, Mohanlal was wasted to its core.With too many songs and many uninteresting sequences,Continue reading “Movie Review- Jilla”

The Light that chose to Shine

The silhouette that emerged from the darkness to the light of the single bulb in the room was of an enervated fragile lady. Her eyes were shallow and effete. The under-eye black marks and a scar-smitten pockmarked face made her otherwise charming face seem hideous. The breeze edged her long locks of hair. The sequinsContinue reading “The Light that chose to Shine”

The Idea of a Sunday Morning Breakfast

Lazing in the bed with the rays of the sun falling on the eye and the smell of breakfast being made running up the nose is a dream nowadays.  Mom would have already been up getting the Sunday breakfast ready.  Idlis, the typical South Indian delicacy that now adorns the crest as a breakfast option pan IndiaContinue reading “The Idea of a Sunday Morning Breakfast”

The Yogam for Experiencing Leadership!!

A 15 minute wait at the gate for the transport followed by another 5 minute wait for the driver to come. A beep from the phone and you see a message from the god-forsaken-same-destination-bound-person- ‘wait for 5 minutes, me too coming’ The wait for him would take ages to get done with. After another 15Continue reading “The Yogam for Experiencing Leadership!!”