The Staircase to Heaven

The metro station was in a bizarre cacophony. There were Indians shouting at the top of their voices over phone. There were Filipinos who were trying to rip off their vocal chords, which sounded more like ducks quacking. There were Arabs who seemed uninterested in the expat balderdash. There were Africans whose multi-coloured multiple braidsContinue reading “The Staircase to Heaven”

I am Sarathy, Parthasarathy

When the toll of the evil rises, When the noble men is sought to no mercy from their distraughtWhen the creation is hastened ‘up’ to meet its creatorWhen humanity is at its peril, When seeing the next dawn in a single piece is a boonWhen life is altogether a rabble I shall riseTo protect my kinsmenTo curb theContinue reading “I am Sarathy, Parthasarathy”

The End of the Rape Saga, or is it just the beginning?

I thought I won’t write on this again.I thought I will not dig the grave of a now-so-forgotten story.I kept on thinking, why should I?After all,what can a normal human being do? A blogger with a blog less than 5 months old cannot create ripples in the minds of the masses.Then came the thought, whyContinue reading “The End of the Rape Saga, or is it just the beginning?”

Death’s knock on the door

A chill went down my spine as I saw her lifeless body.Well, I really hated seeing her from the first instance. Every time she came into the horizon of my vision, I tried avoiding her. Her eyes were cute. Still I despised her.She poked her nose into everyone else’s matter. Everyone liked it. I dint like her still.SheContinue reading “Death’s knock on the door”