The Brown Eyed Boy

Disclaimer: The material posted here has resemblance to a person who is very much alive. All that is posted here is with his consent and approval. 

                           Walking towards me was a tall, lanky bespectacled young man with looks that he seems very calm and reserved : there goes the first impression about this person. He had curly hair, curly enough to become a labyrinth for an insect that got in by sheer ill-fate.

                            That was our first rendezvous. I looked at my classmate-to-be. His eyes were his striking feature: hazel brown colored. With a sly smile, he said goodbye and parted our ways till the class started.

                           A hand landed on my shoulders on my walk to the hostel after I bade goodbye to parents. I turned around, lo and behold, with the same sly smile , stood the brown eyed boy. The ‘classmate-to-be’ had become my classmate for the next 2 loooong years. While walking together, I noticed his animated expressions of answering me about how his journey was. Vibes from him, I felt, had bound me and him.

                         The lankiness in him was just a misjudged prejudice that I had. A song, a surge of energy and the next thing I found was the brown eyed boy swaying to the tunes of hit Bollywood and Tollywood numbers. The guy was full of energy. His legs jumped to life, his hands were swaying with ultimate grace. He was a dancer par excellence.

                           Soon, I understood that he was a trained Carnatic singer and a genius when it came to studies. Now was the time when I thought that ‘did I run into the company of the wrong sort?’    

                             Well, I know to differentiate between the right and wrong sort.
                             Indeed an acquaintance had become a friend!!! 


Its hard to let it go!

           Dedicated to all those who loved and couldn’t make it to the other side. 



            He said.

            The anxious gang of friends hovering around were eager to hear from him about the breaking news.

             His friends were constantly bugging him with the name of a girl ever since she cast giveaway glances at him. He was sitting in the college cafeteria while she, the most prettiest girl in the class, shot an eye at him , others seemed virtually nonexistent.

              Ever since that day, she and he have never missed a chance to exchange glances without the other noticing. 
              He often saw her turn away when she understood that he had caught her eye. 

              Eagerness was at the maximum for the gang as the time approached when he said, ‘I love her‘. 

              The expectation was on air for some time, but the gang exhilarated on hearing his confession. 
              The gang was pretty sure that no girl would turn down the proposal from the studious handsome hunk of the batch. But the way how she would react to something which revolved around her life was in critical doubts and totally unpredictable. 

               Slowly, they got back into business(studies), leaving no room for love. Hellos and byes became a monotonous routine He barely got a chance beyond the greetings, but the course of life made him accustomed to the way it was.

               Life is too short when it comes to passage of time and shorter it is when it comes to college duration. The joining, first eye to eye contact, the one way love and the photo session after the convocation seemed to pass with the duration of a blink of the eye.

               The moment she was out of sight, he felt his heart burdened and was overpowered with grief. The journey from the college to the airport, sitting in the lounge, the flight and even the over-attractive Jet Airways cabin crew seemed uninteresting to him. All that mattered to him was her. The next time he would be seeing her,she might be someone else’s. .

                Vowing that he would rip her from his heart, he tried to console himself and accept the reality. Awaiting the bright future that was lying ahead, he wiped the tears that welled up in eye and opened up for a bright future!!




                     There are no wounds that time can’t heal.  The wound had healed over a period of 2 years. He, though felt numb on the thoughts of loosing opportunities that he had missed or rather couldn’t capitalize, was almost out of the grief stricken mood waves. 

                      The work place pressure kept building up as the days passed and he barely had time for thinking anything else. The pressure could be related proportionally to the fat pay check credited to his account every month. As per the law of diminishing marginal utility , the more money he had, he found lesser avenues to utilize it. 

                        Life had to go on. He, too had to move on. 

                        To keep up with the pace of life.
                        To be contended with what he had and not with what he wanted.


                         ‘ Son, I know what it feels when you say you are in love. But I daresay, be bold with your stand. Or else you will experience the turmoil that me and mom had to undergo.‘ 

                          With a wink, he dropped his son at the airport where he would board the flight to the same city, to go to the same institute to begin a new term of management of his career and ‘life’. Where it all started!!




It started just like that….


           Thank you, God for making me feel to do this at least now. 

           Thank you, Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka ‘Chuck‘ for being an inspiration, I have gone through all your works (well, I know that you don’t know me, but still…)

            Thank you, Mom, Dad & Arun
            Thank you, fellow OOEHSians, SBOAns, VIDYAites, T.I.M.Ers and Great Lakers (esp. Karthick ‘Superman‘ian, a “blogging” genius, but not otherwise 😉 kidding :P)
            At last, I present before you, my personal, hand(typed)written, brainchild…. MY BLOG. 
            After years of laziness and haphazardly thinking of what would I be writing if I were to start blogging, I finally sat in front of my laptop. Gazing into the distance and back onto the screen, I let my mind wander loose, untouched by the ”progress” of my day-to-day activities.

             Lost in thoughts and making my mind empty, I felt myself reeling side by side on the banks of a river adrift with all my memories (all what I could recollect)

             Be it the turmoil, anguish and grief it had caused or be it the elation or sheepishness it made, I was happy that I could revisit my past and revitalize the energy within.

             A trigger would only go in, cultivate thoughts and bring a smile on your face,
                                                             only when you have time, 
                                                             only when you have nothing to do.

             Especially when it is on the eve of your exam…..