Happy B’day Bloggie!

One year has passed since its inception. 
I sowed 36 seeds.
It was watered by 3800 people.
It blossomed
It flourished
What was a seed then,
Has germinated and is slowly growing.
Hope it doesn’t get destroyed
By forces of nature 
Or by the force within

Happy b’day dear little blog. 
Thanks for all the support, dear readers!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks to all the friends who made me write and allowed to make them subjects.
Million thanks! 

(sob sob) Just got emotional! 😛

Love you all…..

A Letter to Hell

Dear Brother-in-Hell,

First, let me express heartfelt condolences to your departed soul.

So, how’s life there at hell? All cozily snug up?

You might me wondering how I came to know that you came directly to hell. Hell ya, I knew it, babe.
After all, a suicided soul would never reach up there.

By the way, how was your journey from Coimbatore to hell?

So, you would have came to know by now that the movie that you wanted to watch is releasing today. Ironically, you would not be able to watch it FDFS. I know that hell does not even have talkies, let alone multiplexes.

I have a question to ask. Did you actually think that your worthless soul was even less worth than the cost you needed to travel to your neighbouring state to watch the movie?
The cost to go to Kerala to watch that particular movie:
Lodge= 500
Food= 200
Total= 900

So you knew that the movie was not worth spending 900 rupees.
Still you went once to Kerala, couldn’t you have stayed there for a day? You could have seen your star in action, eaten some Kerala food and got some banana chips for your family.
Yet, you came back with a dejected mind and then ended your life in a loose moment with a noose.
How sad!

So, how are your buddies down there?
I believe they too would be fine. How are guys who did the same when a superstar film flopped over a decade ago?

Seriously, did someone pay you for doing a publicity stunt for the promotion of the movie? The amount, how much ever it is might be a big sum for the family. Yet do you think any amount of money could replace the son of your parents, friend of your old chums, the lover of your girl? No, you were irreplaceable, my friend.

The media reported you to be 20 years of age. Dude, you had a lot of life remaining. You were the ripest of your age.


I know you will never get to read this. Shall deliver it by hand, when I come to meet you, say 50 years from now. You will see an old soul coming to deliver the letter. Nevertheless, I will see the 20 year frail looking soul at the best of health.
Or maybe will send it through some other duffer who may do a stunt when a next movie release is delayed.

So long,pal.

50 years is not a long time to wait.

See you in hell,
Brother from Earth.

The Walk of an Iron Will

The septuagenarian walks his path
With that solicitous demeanor
Behold the chalices he poured in with
copious amounts of wisdom and insight
The man who crafted a nation
An exemplar by all means
A harbinger in the field of teaching
Away and at his turf, he is praised

The glitter in his eye seems to glow
The fervent actions of faith in him flow
The man clad in white
A new age sage of substance
The opulence of the knowledge he gained
With the chivalry of a man who defended the mother land

With the uncanny prowess to pervade the goodness within
To the men and women
Who traced the path
Who chose to follow
He is the man who sought to lead
Brimming with knowledge
The sagacious chant of accounting the way of life
The acumen he possesses is second to none

For a man his age
The mettle seems nonpareil
He walks his chidren, hand in hand
To the path yonder
Through the roads less traveled
To reach the glory we seek
And he remains as a guiding light
That radiates bright

Review- Chennai Express

Ready, Steady, Po!

The two odd hours of the bumpy ride on Chennai Express via Komban will leave you in dire straits on whether to love or hate the movie.

As the case is, the negatives do really outweigh the positives, love the movie becomes out of context.

The movie starts with Rahul, a 40 year old bachelor living in close ties with his grandparents. After the death of his grandfather, his grandmother wanted him to travel to Rameshwaram to do the last rites. His friends want him to join them on a joy ride to Goa to party. Goa went on and off after the random meeting of SRK and Dippy on the Chennai bound train.  

The accidental rendezvous, the chases, the fights and the love that emerges forms the rest of the movie. 

Rohit Shetty has done justice to the meaningless script that couldn’t have been made better. The movie has left the boundaries of what a normal Hindi movie would have to offer (clearly what exactly a Rohit Shetty movie does) and did not reach the exact Tamil movie level where a puny hero would beat the hell out of the monstrous looking villains.

Shahrukh Khan was as usual at his best of abilities. Trying to make you laugh and trying not to make him cry is what King Khan is usually best at. With age catching on and numerous surgeries to his credit, the 47 year old actor’s ability to woo the audience is pretty much still in shape. Still, the usage and abuse of the 5000 year old Dravidian language was condemned. 

The lady lead Deepika Padukone was undergoing transitions between heavily accented Hindi, Tamil and at times, was swept back to the old memories of her proper Hindi. The charming lady draped in silk lost her charm when compared to her previous screen appearance in YJHD. Deepika’s on-the-bed hysterics was funnily insane and yes, she could be used if they wanted to make a spoof out of Bhool Bhulaiya or Manichitrathazhu. 

The esoteric don portrayed by Satyaraj was immense mockery of the south Indian local-goon-based patriarchy which was no less than poor anarchy put to rest.  

Tangaballi (Niktin Dheer) was all muscles and merely a prop used on screen. The dubbing was pathetic as accent crept in to the macho man’s mouth. 

The Tamil speaking Sardar policeman , the song based communication etc were all quite blown out of proportion. 

The songs except Titli did not manage to make any impact. A dancer as good as Shahrukh failed to make his body groove the south Indian way while he was on the dance floor. Lungi dance was a clear underestimation of what Rajnikant was, is and will be. 

The film had abrupt editing glitches that underwent sudden emotional surges at times. If not editing flaws, the movie certainly lacked solid foundation regards to the script. 

Many of the themes in the movie seemed to be borrowed from the neighboring state of Kerala which included Theyyam, Kathakali, Pulikali etc. The camera department had captured the scenic beauty at its best. 

North Indians beware! Despite Chennai Express being a Hindi movie, almost 40% of the movie is in Tamil. 

SRK ought to get paid by Nokia and D&G as he has done free branding for both the brands. 

VERDICT: Chennai Express is worth a watch keeping aside all its flaws. The movie is an out and out entertainer clearly scripted for the masses. 
Did Rohit Shetty underestimate the power of a common movie goer? I flipped a coin and it stood on the edges. 

RATING: **1/2

Marital Blues- Part 1

The wedding bells are ringing. Aren’t they?

Yes! They are.

For the parents, it is just the matter of time for them to chart down the auspicious dates for the Sangeet and Shaadi for their young ones once they get hold of their diplomas and yes, the fate is sealed.

Some have already found theirs, some on the process of finding theirs and some have no idea on where and how to find them. I am talking about the soul-mates. I wonder if they really be soul-mates once the thread meets the knot.

Post the knot, the life is going to turn tables. Its going to be all thrown-up tantrums, the no-glycerin-needed-made-up-tears, the faked acidity-attacked-mocked-up chest pains and the hell lot of other funnily insane things.

After a year or so (might not take even 10 months or so for some, thanks to the Madras HC ruling), XX Jr and XY Jr start popping out and pooping all over.

And then memories start flowing in.
I had ‘her’, and then I landed up with ‘this’ female.
He proposed me. But I dint say a ‘Yes’. My bad!

Paced at speeds greater than the rage of the Uttarakhand floods, it brings tears (sorrow or rather remorse). And then the friends meet, the numbers doubled, tripled and quadrupled by the forces of nature. The crushes and loves mated to different specimens under different shackles chained over.

Part 2- The Gen-Next meet!!!

Love Letter of an MBA

The previous year in my life saw a paradigm shift from complex circuit diagrams to high end market differentiation analysis. I thought it was time that I graduate my love from the electronic engineer perspective to a future marketer perspective.

As a sequel to the previously written madly-in-love engineer’s love saga, here begins the journey of love of marketing wiz. <See link here>


Dear ******,

Over the years, my P&L closed with a lot of bad debts and morale share price was falling deep down. The market climate for the love I possess was seemingly cloudy till the moment I saw you.

The sudden feeling that I felt was way beyond the happiness that one could get, even better than that of a brand manager who revamped the entire range of products which was about to be shelved.

On seeing you, the love life cycle which I thought would be going to the obsolesce stage, suddenly picked up back to the peak. The BCG matrix has put you as a star in my heart.

The intangible feeling is in the air. You comprise the maximum stake in my top-of-the-mind awareness. The way you have positioned yourself is at its best.

In eve of you saying a yes to my love, I shall submit the offer document to your parent-holding for the merger of the 2 product families.

If all the director board members oppose the merger, the acquisition process that I shall proceed with, shall be a hostile takeover .

Lets join hands and diversify!

Yours truly,

Review- Maryan

Well, this was one movie which revolved around the hype of having 2 national award winning actors, music from the gifted Oscar and  a lot of other buzz.

Did it live up to the expectations?

A yes and a no.

A debacle debate?

Not an utter flop. Dhanush’s performance shall be remembered.

Since being a half baked, I did not get the intricacies of the language that took me to like the movie during the first half and went against in the second half. The language was gauging my patience of not following the colloquial Tamil slang.

Dhanush’s title role was at his best of splendor. The actor has yet again proved his mettle and talent, worthy enough for the son-in-law of the superstar himself.  Supported well to add to the charm was Parvathy Menon. This actress was all around to woo Maryan in the 1st half and wail all around and portray telepathic contact with ‘her’ Maryan in the latter half.

The support cast did their parts well especially the guys who played Sakkarai and Swami. They handled comedy effortlessly throughout. Salim Kumar was hardly seen on screen. Vinayakan, the baddie looked funnily disastrous on screen owing to his comical memories from the Malayalam movies. Dhanush’s mother’s sooty covered performance deserved applause despite limited screen presence.

The ARR music magic was a fusion of melancholy trance and a frenzy wave of tides. Coupling with the pensive BGM, it beheld unparalleled beauty to soothe the ears.

The camera captured every frame and angle with utmost precision and was a feast for the eyes.

Editing was a decent effort. At a few instances, the story hardly made sense to the succeeding and preceding scenes (thanks to the language intense dialogues)

The story line had its flaws. Unbelievable at points, unimaginable at points, dumb at places.

Verdict: Personal choice- A disastrous must-watch if you want to catch an eye over the acting prowess of Dhanush. It was a rickety roller coaster ride that could have been a well rounded package if the knots were braided properly.

Rating: ** (1 for the movie and 1 for Dhanush)

The Selling Foray

The evenings at the Institute is actually a boring affair.

Bland food to the palette and a lot of assignments to bear the burden of!

But, the last 3 days was all about frenzy festivities.

The Great Lakers had all geared up for going in 60 hours to set up their mini ventures and mint money. More than the monetary part, it was for igniting the entrepreneurial blitz in the managers-to-be.

The event ‘Gone in 60 hours’ was an initiative by the CIECOM (Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee) at the Great Lakes Chennai campus from the 13th to 15th of July 2013.

Many budding-entrepreneurs-hidden-within came out of their comfort zones and put the hats of sales men, blaring out in their croaky/deep/chirpy/bombastic voices to woo customers to get their stuff out of the inventory. Some were seen as chefs sans the toque, some did shuttle services to get more from MORE and so on.

What a scene, beautiful to behold!

They had to prove their mettle and battle it out to the way to being the best entrepreneur in the campus with a span of 60 hours.

The guys (and girls too) were all girding up their loins to get the things set.

The CEOs-to-be were actually on the field like wayside hawkers to sell their wares to the passers-by.

Lip smacking treats were prepared out of the limitation of the hostel rooms.

People collaborating to get the desired end product done- some procuring raw materials, some setting the work-in-progress, some serving as ancillary suppliers, some filling in as in-bound logistics personnel etc.- a treat to watch.

People running around to get the deliveries done to the hostel room  
                  -and we awaited the arrival of the food with drooling mouths and high expectations.

And they did keep up the expectations and went better than those we kept in stock.

The beauty parlors,
-the hair dressers,
-the adrenaline pumped gaming experience zones,
-helpers of the cupid struck,
-tarot reading fortune tellers,
-the nail biting finishes of cricket
        made it look more like a village fan fare than a college.

It was fun, friends calling out to friends hoping them to shell out some money to buy and those on the other side of the counter hoping their friends to give or gift them out of their friendship.

Last but not the least, all the people clearing their mailboxes over and over, archiving, transferring and deleting all over the place.

The future beckons them, who were ready to help themselves!!

Review- Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag- The biopic on one of the finest athlete the nation has produced

A movie fit for being the finest. 

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra has done his best in the director’s garb. Penned by Prasoon Joshi, the script has caught on the intricacies of the Indo-Pak relations and the problems that happened during the partition.

The movie has Farhan Akthar at the helm to blow life into Milkha Singh’s forgotten glory. Akthar deserves applause as he portrays on screen, his career best performance. At times, Farhan seemed off note and expressionless. But taking into consideration, the acting prowess and dedication this person portrayed, it is definitely not a let down. 

The female lead Sonam Kapoor, who has nothing to do except smile throughout her screen presence, was a let down as compared to her previous performance in Raanjhanaa. Divya Dutta, who was seen as Isri Kaur, Milkha’s sister was throughout seen with her brotherly affection. Commendable act indeed. 
Pawan Malhotra as coach and mentor, Gurudev Singh aided by Prakash Raj and Yograj Singh have done justice to their roles. 

Meaty performances by Rebecca Breeds and Meesha Shafi as Stella and Perizad respectively was good and steaming on screen but the question remains, was the obsession towards showing skin and more skin needed in depicting the life of a personality. 

The 187 minute run time of the movie was not quite long as it could have been. The extended duration was well justified with excellent scripting, BGM and lots of visual treats to feast the eyes on. 

Music by Shankar Ehsan Loy was as usual a treat for the ears. 

Verdict: Rating- ***1/2
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is definitely a must watch- keeping in mind the glorious sporting years we had. 
Milkha shall keep on running for the medallion that the hearts have bestowed on him already. 

The Self-Made Superstar

His eyes glistened with the reflection of the eerie light on the wall.

His biceps twitched at the sight of the sidekicks who blocked his way.
The fiery glare out from his eyes made them tremble with fear.  
He took long strides to meet the evil don. 
Aloof about what lay ahead, bearing the guts and bravery of the iron will, he walked in the door. 
Facing the wall, seated on a tall leather chair was the evil don, who left the world in tears. The blood curdled screams of the lives lost battling the don filled his ears. 
As he was expecting, the don swiveled the chair and faced him. On his laps were his pet iguana, whose eyes resembled the blood shot merciless eyes of the don himself. The evil grin matched with the god of death himself.
Now they were face to face. 
The good versus the bad.
The hero versus the villain. 
As a master of Tai-pu, our man challenged the don for a bout after a swift exchange of dialogues.

It was the war of the worlds. If it happened in the Vedic era, even the gods and asuras who came to see the fight would let out a shriek of agony on seeing the plight they underwent.

A kick on to the groins and the don was floored. A sudden reflex and he came back on to his feet.

The fighters were moving from the don’s boardroom and the 101st floor atrium balcony of the Imperial Towers in Kazhakootam was witnessing a terrible fight.

He, the master of Tai-pu, took out his signature move and again the don fell to his feet. Hoisted by his hands, the don pushed up and delivered a nasty ghastly blow on to his opponent’s chest. He fell off balance and was dangling down the balcony.

With a grim smile, the don lifted his leg to stamp on his fingers that suspended the whole of his body.

A momentary flash later, he heaved up to catch hold of the don’s leg and at the same time, the stamp came to his other hand. And there they were falling off the heights of the tower.

Chances of survival- absolute zero.

A resounding thud and he opened his eyes. The back of his head was throbbing with pain. He sat up on the floor of his hostel dorm, rubbing his head. He sat there with a smile.

The superstar had just woken up from his yet another super hero dream! To many of those Jr. NTR movies, I suppose.

The don was lying on the opposite bed, saliva drooling out on to form a dried-up puddle mark on his bed sheet. And he was sleeping peacefully. The iguana shaped pen holder was smiling at him from the ‘don’s bedside table.