Have you ordered a thali home? Little plastic cups filled with delectable dishes enough to fill your tummy and increase its circumference momentarily. Or better, a plastic tray with each of the cubby holes filled with choicest of the dishes. But have you had the pothichoru? An ambrosial experience (if I may)! Pothi means aContinue reading “P(iquant)othichoru”

Food Trail- 2- Anjappar Restaurant, Farwaniya, Kuwait

Ever had a meal where water was the best of the delicacies? That was what was unveiled at the Anjappar Restaurant in Kuwait. A vegetarian is almost always a downtrodden sect in food cycle, be it in the class 5 science textbook or in any restaurant for that matter. Vegetarian food lacks variety and isContinue reading “Food Trail- 2- Anjappar Restaurant, Farwaniya, Kuwait”

Food Trail-1- Udupi Restaurant, Sharq

  Being a vegetarian in a predominantly non-vegetarian country is kind of an uphill task. The number of vegetarian restaurants are quite a few, hence eating out might turn out to be an experience appalling than appealing. From a vegetarian whose occasional visits to the shawarma joints are masked by a pretentious veil of notorietyContinue reading “Food Trail-1- Udupi Restaurant, Sharq”