Airport Chronicles

The airport is a wonderful place. Thronging with people who are making their way to their next destination- some of them are with hope, some with despair, and some (like me) exude passive indifference. Sans the pat-down, till the moment I got comfy in the waiting chairs, the journey wasn’t all the bad-, my jovialContinue reading “Airport Chronicles”

All for a plate of food!!

The kid screamed with glee and they opened the door to the restaurant. He tore through the aisle and occupied the table at the farthest corner. His mother, a lady who looked like she had seen better days, slowly walked and sat beside him. Her face had a grandiose aura and she sat there, teemingContinue reading “All for a plate of food!!”

Food Trail-1- Udupi Restaurant, Sharq

  Being a vegetarian in a predominantly non-vegetarian country is kind of an uphill task. The number of vegetarian restaurants are quite a few, hence eating out might turn out to be an experience appalling than appealing. From a vegetarian whose occasional visits to the shawarma joints are masked by a pretentious veil of notorietyContinue reading “Food Trail-1- Udupi Restaurant, Sharq”