Macroeconomic Distress

Thud Thud! 
Thud Thud!

Her heartbeats moved on from the usual lupp-dupp to a bombarding tone. Her heartbeat was in fact the only sound in the huge amphitheater classroom when I was asked a question by the stern looking professor. 
To buy some time, I asked for the mic to answer. In the mean time, my brain ran helter skelter to create some cock and bull story to pacify the blood thirsty like vengeance he had on the class. 
By the time the mic reached, I could hear my poor neighbor making frantic attempts to swallow spitballs and the breath was becoming paler. 
Was she on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
My heart had taken all the pains of getting higher up to my Adam’s apple. With great difficulty, the vocal cords pushed out a weak gush of air and my voice came out as if my larynx had forgotten to fine tune it. But yes, I did deserve a pat on my back for letting out some amount of language come out of me. 
After my answer, I saw a pale looking lady smiling at me. The tension had drained all the color on her cheeks and she resembled a living corpse of what she was 15 minutes earlier.
An exhilarated exhalation of elation followed as she confirmed that the professor stopped asking questions and turned on to discuss ways of how world would turn to be an economically safe place to be in. 

I think all seats should get an attached spygmomanometer that monitors the real time BP continuously. The meter is sure of getting dizzy on seeing the readings.

He was letting hell break loose. Loading us with assignments and unscrupulous deadlines, he was making life miserable in all possible ways.
It seemed the whole of the trimester was earmarked for just one subject and I seriously doubt even by continuously burning midnight oil, there was no chance of you getting anywhere near he wanted you to be or anywhere near the other subjects.
But, I seriously doubt. Was he in a way trying to make us learn economics? Was he gearing us up for what the ruthless merciless world had to offer?
Instilling fear and building a foundation on it to make us know the economy, the way it is and the way it ought to be, was he on the right track?
Only God knows!! But in this case, only he knows!!!

Fingers crossed!!!

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